Rent a car Brasov

Rent a car Brasov

Every day we are waiting for offers from various car services offered by rent a car Brasov.In moment the number of customers seeking cars in Brasov close to dublat.Compania Our rent a car Brasov offers a fleet renewed annually and guarantee of quality cars with the latest equipment.

From our company fleet rent a car Brasov contain a great range of cars starting from small and medium cars up to 7 cars, vans or SUV.This means that you can find us a car trip dumneavoastra.Sa foldable whatever needs suppose for example you need to transport some cargo between different locations, then our car rental services Brasov and provide you with this type of machines. you have to know that prices displayed on our site car rental Brasov are reduced by 10% compared to the prices you will find on the premises nostru.Mentionez reduction is valid for any type of car only if you do it on the website our.

In addition all our contracts rent a car Brasov offers insurance designed to protect various charges if the car suffers some damage.

If you are already on board a car of quality offered by our rent a car Brasov please be prepared to discover the wonderful city.

This city was founded in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights and Saxons inhabited by a population of origin is found germanica.Aici largest Gothic church in Romania, the Black Church with the largest organ in Europe Est.Mai can admire the White Tower , Tampa or Tesatorilor.Cu Bastion rented car you can explore and circumstances Brasovului.La is just 10 km Poiana Brasov where you can practice different sporturi.Una of the best preserved peasant fortress in Transylvania Rasnov Fortress once called as the main builders occupation was agriculture.

Besides rent a car Brasov our company offers customers the shuttle service to Otopeni Airport or any other place outside Brasov.To obtain the best transfer quotes suggest that you contact our colleagues at the time Brasov car rental via email or phone number that you will find in section contact.Oferim rent a car or other legal persons nationality as long as they meet the conditions of inchiriere.Putem deliver the car to any location desired by the customer.

If you want to rent a room at any hotel or guesthouse we suggest you rent in advance to get rid of worries and so you can enjoy visiting the city.

Because program transparent and professional rent a car car rental Brasov our company has managed to attract increasingly more clienti.Flexibilitatea company is well known in the reservation process so you can rent the desired pattern without too many headaches.

Reservations can be made online via a booking form on our website or by contacting thel agent rent a car Brasov number: (+40) 0742 958 031 or email: [email protected]